Air-conditioner re-gassing in Alice Springs

Open Hood Blue Car — Panel Beater in Alice Springs
P & V Panel Works specialises in automotive air-conditioner re-gassing for all makes and models of vehicle. A fully functioning air conditioner is crucial in the extreme climate of Alice Springs and without regular re-gassing, your car's system could start blowing warm air.

As part of our service, before we re-gas your air-conditioning unit our team will complete a detailed assessment of your hoses, fittings and seals to ensure all of these are operating efficiently. We also offer pressure testing of your air-conditioner, to identify any leaks that need to be repaired prior to re-gassing the unit. Our pressure testing service costs only $38.50 per system and is highly recommended before the temperatures start to soar.

Re-gassing your unit starts from as little as $240 per unit, once any leaks have been repaired. Contact us for further information or a quote on our air-conditioner re-gassing services.